Make Painted Mason Jars At Your Store's Next Event

The next time you hold an open house at your store, try offering an activity like this painted glass mason jar craft. Your customers will have fun and want to visit your store again, to see what you have going on.

Taped Mason Jars
Painted Mason Jar with Brushes
  1. Use masking tape on the threads of the jar neck to keep paint from getting on them. This helps the lid screw on tightly after the painting is complete.
  2. Clean the outside of the jar using rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. Hold the jar by the taped threads while cleaning to avoid touching the glass with your hands.
  3. Spray a light coating of spray paint on the jars but with enough paint for nice even coverage. A heavy coat won't let much light, from a candle placed inside, to show through.
  4. If possible, allow spray painted jars to dry overnight.
  5. Remove the painter's tape from around the neck of the jar.
  6. Start decorating the jar, using some tips from below.
  7. Once decorating is complete, spray a coat of clear spray paint over the jar for added protection.

Additional Decorating Tips:

  • Use stickers to decorate jars
  • Stencils make painting easier
  • Sketch design on the jar as a painting guide
  • For an added touch, tie a ribbon or hang decorative accessories around the neck of the jar.