Stay Safe at Market This Winter

Stay Safe at Market This Winter

Market season is among us for 2021 and we can’t wait for you to join us at our CTW showrooms! This is a great time to shop and restock your stores for the year! However, the reality is that Coronavirus is also among us and there are steps to be taken to keep us all safe and still have an enjoyable, fun, experience. Some of these steps include prepping your safety gear, consider getting tested, researching the rules, keeping your distance, and keeping a positive outlook!

At the Show

When traveling to the CTW showroom at each Market, it is important to plan ahead. This includes packing an ample amount of masks that cover your nose and mouth. It also includes hand sanitizer and cleansing wipes that can be used to frequently clean surfaces near you as well as your hands after touching objects. You can even take it a step further and bring gloves or glasses for your safety. For the safety of others, getting tested before coming to Market or isolating for 14 days is recommended.

Every Market Is Different

In each Market state (Texas, Georgia, and Nevada) there will be separate rules. It is important to read up on each state's rules before visiting so you can follow them accordingly. Across the board, there are some rules that will be the same, such as keeping your distance. Stay 6ft apart from each person while traveling and walking around our showroom. In the CTW showroom there will be a maximum capacity stated on the door that will be allowed in at a time. The good news is that we will get an even more personal shopping experience with you!

Keep a Positive Outlook

It is important that you keep a positive outlook weather you decide to travel or stay home this Market season. We know that it is a lot of preparation to join us at the market, but if you do decide to travel, we will make sure our showrooms are sanitized and that you have the most pleasurable and safe experience possible. There will be lots of fun incentives and new items to see! We have expanded our furniture category, launched coastal items for the first time, and introduced over 600 new items this year! We would love to provide some normalcy to the 2021 Market season in a safe, personable way. However, if you do decide to stay home, we will be able to take your orders through the phone and website. If you mention the showroom during that week, we will honor the discount given at the market.

Be Safe and Have Fun

All in all, CTW wants to make your experience as safe and fun as possible! We love getting to see your faces each year, even if during this year, a mask is covering it! Safety is always our #1 priority and we will make sure of that however you decide to shop with us this year.

— CTW Home Collection

CTW Home Collection is a unique designer, importer, and distributor of retro, BOHO, farmhouse and vintage-inspired wares for the home. One of our goals is to offer great wholesale home decor and gift items at competitive prices and to help our retail partners succeed in their retail businesses.