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We have been serving retailers for more than 40 years. We offer a variety of styles for every room, taste, and occasion - from Farmhouse, Western, Primitive, French Country and even some contemporary pieces. Interested in knowing more about CTW Home Collection and offering our products to your customers? 


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CTW Home Collections

Shop by collection for a carefully curated shopping experience. Each popular style has been pulled together with our best-selling items to give your shop the right look and feel. Hand-crafted, signature pieces with quality in mind. 


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In this year's holiday trend exploration, we're taking a journey through the whimsical, the timeless, and the innovative. From classic traditions that evoke cherished memories to cutting-edge ideas that redefine holiday decor, our blog is your guide to curating a magical Christmas experience like no other.

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Welcome to the 2023 Holiday Season

Welcome to CTW Home Collection’s new Christmas, Fall, and Halloween items for sale now! We are excited to offer a wide range of decorations that will help you make your shop festive and stylish for the holidays.

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