Totes and Handbags: Vintage Style for a Variety of Shoppers

CTW Home Collection stocks a wide variety of purses, totes, handbags, wristlets, and accessories.

Our vintage-inspired purses and handbags will fit a variety of customers.

Whether your customers are at the farmer’s market or a fabulous dinner, we have a bag for the occasion.

Farmer’s Market Finds

Many shopping bags are flimsy and the straps cut your shoulder when you carry anything heavy.  Our Market bags are made from a sturdy canvas that will hold all your groceries without breaking.  They are lined with a ticking lining and also feature a pocket on the back for your cellphone and cash.  They hold any purchases with ease at the supermarket or a shopping center.

Ideal Impulse Buys

Our smaller wristlets and coin purses are the perfect bags to carry to a party as a small gift. The low price point and wide variety of styles help you stock many purses that will appeal to your customers.  Display them as an impulse buy to accessorize our larger bags.

Our smaller cross body bags will help your customers carry their vintage style to a dinner out, or an afternoon in the city.  Most bags feature thoughtful details such as adjustable straps or inside pockets for credit cards or cash.

Travel with Style

Our travel bags are a versatile way to showcase your customers’ personality on the road.  The bags fit some smaller tablets, such as an iPad mini, and were also designed to keep toiletries or accessories together.  Your customers will appreciate these affordable lined bags with an inside pocket and sassy sayings.
Wherever your customers go, bags from CTW Home Collection will keep them coming back to your shop to see what’s new!  Try some of our newest purses, totes and handbags in your shop today.

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