Our Treen is cast from the original antique piece.

Use our treen in the kitchen, bath, and more.

Treen refers to small wooden items, usually hand carved from a single piece of wood.

The word “treen” means “of a tree.”  It refers to wooden objects for household use, and did not include furniture or art.  Treen included items for the kitchen and bath, and was created all over Europe and America. Bowls, serving pieces, boxes, and games are still available at antique markets today. The original pieces are highly collectable.

We have scoured antique markets looking for interesting pieces for each item in our collection. We ship them to our manufacturer. The pieces are cast in resin from the original antiques and then finished to look like real wood. Details from the original pieces like the grain of the wood are captured. Our Treen is very primitive-looking; because they are cast from authentic antique pieces, there are marks, holes and knots. Our Treen has a realistic matte finish and careful attention to detail.

We find that our customers love our bowls and other serving pieces. Customers use them for display pieces, newborn photography, potpourri, or just to store fruits and vegetables on the countertop. CTW Home Collection offers more than thirty pieces of antique bowls, spoons, and even carved animal pieces. It’s hard to tell our resin copies from the originals; the biggest difference is the cost.  We think that you and your customers will love the selection and the prices in our Treen Collection.

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