Add some spice to your shelves with our Mason Jar Shakers.

Mason jar shakers are sold in boxes of 6 shakers, or three sets.

These glass salt and pepper shakers are available for retailers only.

Shake up your average spice shelf with the unique salt and pepper shakers at CTW Home Collection.  Our Mason jar shakers are made of green-tinted recycled glass with aluminum lids. They fit perfectly in a farmhouse kitchen or vintage-inspired space.

We also stock a Mason jar toothpick shaker with larger holes to dispense toothpicks, as well as a slightly larger Mason jar shaker that is perfect for crushed red pepper or grated parmesan cheese.  Our glass shakers are available in a variety of caddies for many spaces.  These shakers are dishwasher-safe on the top rack.  Please be sure your customers wash our shakers before use.

Mason jars are widely used in many kitchens.  With these Mason jar shakers and salt and pepper caddies, you can bring them to the dinner table, too.

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