Kitchen O' My Kitchen

Kitchen O' My Kitchen

The kitchen has always been the heart in our homes. This couldn’t be more true now: after the last two years at home, making breakfast, lunches and dinners - we gained a new appreciation and a newfound passion to redecorate. Let’s start designing! 

1. Your Farmhouse Kitchen!

You may be wondering what is farmhouse style decorating? It is the type of interior design that looks warm, cozy, and wholesome. Some key elements are rustic wood pieces, beautiful lettering, and textures to bring out warm country vibes.

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Second row, left to right: SKU 370728, SKU 530192, SKU 370445.
Bottom, left to right: SKU 460365, SKU 770282, SKU 530050.


2. Your French Country Kitchen!

What does a French country kitchen look like? Use a lot of neutral colors like white, cream, beige, gray, or chocolate. Copper is the number one essential of a French country kitchen decor. A big old wooden table is a must and vintage items are absolutely necessary too! 

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3. Your Boho Kitchen!

Bohemian design style is characterized by bright colors, unique patterns, fun decor, and layered textures. Rattan, open shelving, macrame, natural wood elements, jute rugs, barstools, gold and greenery are great design choices for creating your dream Boho Kitchen. Boom, done! 

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