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Dropship Terms and Conditions

If you would like the option to dropship an order, you must fill out this form below. Dropship orders are exempt from the $100 minimum.

Be sure to indicate at the time of order (in the notes if online) that your order is a drop shipment.

You can add any special instructions or comments in this section at the end of the checkout screen.



Dropship Terms and Conditions

Dropship orders must be entered individually, accurately, and completely on our website.  We will not accept dropship orders submitted by phone, fax, or email.  Once a dropship order has been submitted but not yet shipped, cancellations or any changes will result in a $25.00 fee. No changes are possible after an order has been shipped.

We offer dropshipping services to US addresses only. We can ship to any US address you specify.  UPS has a residential surcharge.  Unless otherwise directed, we rate shop each shipment, and ship UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail, depending on which is least expensive. Please keep in mind that we do not have a set shipping fee, we add shipping charges based on dimensional weight. Be sure to specify when you order that the shipment is a drop shipment, so we do not put any paperwork or advertising materials in with the order.  The invoices and tracking will be emailed to your email address on your account.

We can only ship the minimum order quantity for an item.  For example, if you order Solar Lid Lights (these are packed 4 to a box), we can only drop ship them to the customer in boxes of 4.  We cannot open and re-pack boxes in the warehouse for drop shipments, so be sure to take that into account as you choose products from our line to sell.  We do sell many items that are boxed individually.

Many of our lamps do not come with light bulbs.   Our wax warmers and some other items do ship with light bulbs.   Please be sure to consider which items ship complete and which items require accessories as you decide what to sell on your website.

For your convenience, we have a Box Size Chart so you can determine the size of box, (along with product weight), that we use to ship each drop ship item.  Some items can ship in their factory cartons, these are items listed with the box code “L”.  All other items require an additional box/packing for which there is a $2.50 handling fee.

You may handle payment using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  We will send the invoice to you, and the product to the customer.  Again, be sure to fill out the form above so that we can process your dropship orders successfully.

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