Top 5 Market Favorites

Top 5 Market Favorites

Here are our top 5 items at this winter's markets!

This past Market season was full of new, trend-setting items, including Furniture, our newest category. It was hard to pick from the many favorites, but we have whittled it down to the top 5 customer favorites at Market this winter. So, stock your shelves with these must-have decor items to drive even more traffic to your store.

Number 5: Set of Two Decorative Glass Jars

Coming in at number 5 is our Set of Two Decorative Glass Jars (Item 360415). These handmade glass jars are perfect for small items or candies. These are a CTW Home Collection exclusive! Make sure to see our other popular Set of Two Vintage Trinket boxes that are definitely a customer favorite.

Number 4: Rabbit Garden Statue

Coming in at number 4 is our Rabbit Garden Statue (Item 480006). If you haven't already noticed, bunnies are big this year! Every bunny we carry or item with a bunny did very well at the winter shows. See all the other top performing bunnies and rabbits available at CTW Home Collection.

Number 3: Braxton Three Light Pendant

Coming in at number 3 is our Braxton Three Light Pendant (Item 400176). Along with all of the other gorgeous pendant lighting that CTW Home Collection offers, this one was the hit of the show! Not only does it make a huge statement, but it can also be adjusted for different ceiling heights.

Number 2: Set of Three Silo Containers

Coming in at number 2 is the Set of Three Silo Containers (Item 440063). These three silos set a great tabletop scene, but they are also storage containers! The roof comes off each one so that you store small items you may not need out. Check out all of CTW Home Collection's table-top items, and see what fits your style!

Last but not least...

Number 1: Long Bench with Cushioned Seat

Coming in at number 1 is the Long Bench with Cushioned Seat (Item 530339)! This year, our furniture was a huge success. It was our first time carrying large furniture pieces and the response was awesome! People liked the quality and price point that we offer. This particular piece was by far the favorite of the winter market's with its classic lines and rustic finish, it was well deserving of the top spot!

— CTW Home Collection

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