Tips For A Successful Retail Open House

Tips For A Successful Retail Open House

Host an open house anytime using our expert tips

November through December is certainly the ideal time to host an open house for the holiday season. However there are many reasons to host a store event or open house, and we have several pro tips to help make yours a success.

The Invite

As a store owner, you've likely built-up a solid customer mailing list either by offering email signup on your website, asking customers to opt-in when they shop in your store, or by word of mouth. It's time to put that list to good use!

Get the word out about your event a variety of ways: Post information about the event on your store website, invite customers utilizing your opt-in mailing lists, spread the word via social media, post about it on sites like Eventbrite, Craigslist and more, and ask nearby coffee shops or other stores to post a flyer of your event, etc.

Call-to-Action — Inspire Them

Give people a reason for attending. Everyone loves a giveaway, freebie, sale, or coupon. Consider the following:

  • Will there be a sale?
  • Will there be a special event coupon? Make sure it’s available on the invite and it’s clear what the discount is.
  • Will you have door prizes or a raffle? CTW Home Collection products make great giveaways.
  • Will the event feature an artist, local celebrity or other VIP that might attract shoppers?
  • Will there be food and/or refreshments?

Include the details

  • Date of event
  • Time of event
  • Store Address
  • Store phone number
  • Email address (for people to ask any questions if need be)
  • Website address
  • Social Media share icons (if the invite is done via email campaign so that people can share the event)

Planning Your Event

Mobilize Other Shops to Coordinate With You

It’s always a great idea to coordinate with neighboring shops to host a block or district-style open house to drive more traffic and sales. Coordinate this with other shop owners to make this happen, if possible.

Decide on Giveaways

Plan out any giveaways or raffle prizes in advance. We recommend our Glass Mini Mason Jar ornaments, Tea Towels or Votive Holders for inexpensive giveaways that anyone can use. However, you can browse our entire product line for more ideas.

The more you advertise and offer at the event, the more likely people will attend, linger, shop and make purchases.

Schedule Entertainment

Will you have any in-store entertainment? Ideas for a Holiday Open House could be an acoustic guitar player, cellist or singing quartet to play or sing holiday tunes.

What about having Santa Claus there, or inviting a local icon, artist or author to the event, particularly if you sell their wares?

Plan Your Refreshments

People always turn out for food and refreshments. Plan on having some easy finger food and simple beverages with disposable cups. You can keep things simple and do this yourself, or hire a caterer to create some simple, easy fare for the event.

Have a Guestbook Handy

Do your best to obtain the names, email addresses or physical addresses of new customers. Have a "Guestbook" handy for them to fill out their information. You can have a tent-card next to the book that clarifies how their information will be used. Train your sales staff to ask each and every customer making a purchase if they would like to join your mailing list.

We are always here to help your business any way we can. Feel free to call us for ideas on giveaways or to answer any other questions you may have on how to be a wholesale customer with us.


— CTW Home Collection

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