How to Keep the Retail Workplace Safe & Productive?

How to Keep the Retail Workplace Safe & Productive?

The safety of our employees and customers is very important to us, especially during a pandemic. CTW Home Collection recently revised work procedures to create a safer environment that allows us to continue conducting business, albeit on a limited schedule. Below, we have compiled a list of recommended practices from the CDC that you can implement at your retail shop or home business to help keep your employees and customers safe. For a comprehensive list of safety guidelines, we recommend visiting the CDC website. Stay at home if you or a family member is sick and seek medical attention.

It is important to encourage employees and visitors to...

Practice good hygiene

  • Greet each other using non-contact methods
  • Clean hands as you arrive at the business, schedule regular handwashing throughout the day
  • Promote tap and pay to reduce touching cash
  • Disinfect doorknobs, handrails, desks, displays and other frequently used surfaces
  • Create reminders and habits to not touch your face and cover sneezes and coughs
  • Wear a protective cloth mask over your nose and mouth
Personal Protective Equipment

Avoid crowding

  • Practice social distancing by maintaining a 6’ distance from others
  • Use scheduling and appointments to stagger the flow of people
  • Encourage online shopping whenever possible
  • Use video conferencing for meetings or hold meetings in open, well-ventilated spaces
  • Implement a work from home policy for appropriate positions
Social Distancing Signs

Stay home, if...

  • You are sick
  • You have a sick family member at home

We know that the existence of COVID-19 has made running a retail business very challenging. We hope that the list above is helpful in establishing a safer and more productive environment for you, your employees and your customers. Remember, CTW Home Collection is here to help your business succeed. We are available to take your orders and ship them to your business, your home, and even your customer’s home through our Dropship program.

To help us stay focused on safety we have placed social distancing reminders around our warehouse and offices. Download a PDF copy of the sign to post throughout your business and let's do this together.

— CTW Home Collection

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