Americana style in your Home Decor

Americana style in your Home Decor

Americana décor describes a style that is both appealing and casual. It's a classic style that never goes out of fashion. If you like to change things up, use pieces that can be repurposed. The more subtle the design, the easier it will be to refresh or restyle.

Americana and its many styles

Farmhouse Table, Cannon Ball lamp, and blue and white striped apron

Patriotic design can be used anytime in your home decor! Americana and patriotic themes are something to be proud of and display more than just once a year. Mix early primitive décor, often with rusted and worn metals, along with splashes of red, white, and blue hues, to complete the look.

Keeping Americana all year round 

Trays, bowls, mason jar soap dispensers, and America signage

Stripes can be classic or modern and are very versatile. A star is a shape that makes anyone smile, and red compliments blue so well. For these reason, we love to celebrate with the traditional holiday items. O say, can you see what we mean?

Bringing nostalgia to the home

Red, white, blue, and stars decorate these items

No matter the time of year or occasion, Americana style is a timeless classic that is inspired by our nation's history and can be used in everyday décor. 

More than just red, white and blue

Rusted metal, milk cannisters, lantern and nautical designs

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