Inspiring Mudroom and Laundry Room Decor

Inspiring Mudroom and Laundry Room Decor

Dropzone Reimagined

The mudroom doesn’t have to be just a drop zone for shoes and jackets, it can have personality. And according to 2023 trends, mudrooms are here to stay. We at CTW Home Collection can offer some fun and useful items for inspiration.

Function & Design

Mudrooms and Laundry rooms need to be functional. Start with the must-haves such as a bench for removing shoes, shelving, and storage bins for organization. Once you have the basics, make sure to add some character to the space with unique rugs or doormats, interesting wall-décor, and charming lighting. It’s important to make the space not only user-friendly but enjoyable as well.

Top, left to right: SKU 370428, SKU 530214, SKU 370432, SKU 530297
Second row, left to right: SKU 510517, SKU 530190, SKU440108, SKU530211
Bottom, left to right: SKU 530557, SKU 460259, SKU 510368, SKU770286


Hook me Up

Don’t forget to add the finishing touch with some much-needed hooks. CTW Home Collection offers an array of unique hooks that will help keep those jackets and hats off the floor.


Top, left to right: SKU 420228, SKU 530372, SKU 770415, SKU 370862
Second row, left to right: SKU 400227, SKU 370418, SKU 770424. SKU370891
Third row, left to right: SKU 370416, SKU 840124GR, SKU 460126, SKU 510679

For the full look at mudroom/laundry room items, shop here. Visit CTW Home Collection for more home decor ideas that will take mudrooms and laundry rooms to the next level. 



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